Seaport Emden

Overview of Facts and Figures

Information on the individual quays, handling facilities and storage areas at the Port of Emden can be found here at a glance. More information can be found here.



53° 21' N


7° 12' E

Main commodities

forest products
liquid chalk/china clay
grain/animal feed
building materials
Wind energy components
(onshore and offshore)

Port overflow areas

1.300 ha

Seaward approach/Length

38 sm

Seaward approach /
vessels entering the Port of Emden

max. draught 10.67 m (35 ')


Barely off the vessel, and already on the road, rail or inland waterways heading for the final destination. The Port of Emden's excellent infrastructure and intermodal links get your goods safely on the road.

RoadA 31 Germany
A 28 Germany
A 280 Germany
A 7 Netherlands
Raildouble track, fully electrified and with the highest DB load class
Inland waterwaysDirect connection to the Central European inland waterway network

Storage capacities

Total warehouse facilities

> 100.000 m²

Quay storage area

367.800 m²

Other outdoor storage area

660.000 m²

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seaport emden

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