Seaport Emden

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The Seaport of Emden offers companies and investors plenty of space to realise their ideas. In addition to the existing port areas more generous space is available in the form of the Larrelter and Wybelsumer Polder and the Rysumer Nacken. The Wybelsumer Polder alone comprises 550 hectares of port development area, parts of which can be developed immediately. In addition, the Rysumer Nacken offers 467 hectares of development area, of which 134 hectares are immediately available according to the development plan of the City of Emden.

Whether for port-oriented uses, as an offshore location, for industry or trade, the vast land reserves impress with versatile qualities.

As an important port in the network of the seaports of Lower Saxony, the Port of Emden is seeing continuous strategic development in line with an overarching logistics concept. An efficient infrastructure and the Port of Emden's focus commidities form the basis for this.

Thinking ahead. Leveraging potentials. The Port of Emden and the people connected with it: these what the members of the Emder Hafenförderungsgesellschaft e.V. are committed to.

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