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A thriving port means success, both for customers and for local businesses. Emder Hafenförderungsgesellschaft e.V. has been strongly promoting this success since 1998: through advocacy, information and advertising.

For the members this is all about promoting Emden as a versatile port, for example, through constructive cooperation with the worlds of politics, administration and business. In addition to representatives of the port industry, the Emden branch of Niedersachsen Ports, the city of Emden and the Chamber of Commerce for East Frisia and Papenburg each have a firm seat on the association's Supervisory Board.

Furthermore, the association communicates and promotes the efficiency of the port industry. This contributes significantly to customer loyalty and acquisition.

As a registered association, the Emder Hafenförderungsgesellschaft e.V. operates without financial gain. As such, it also promotes activities of its members to advance Emden as a business and port location.


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