Seaport Emden

The seaport and its services

Emden is a versatile port located 38 nautical miles upstream of the Ems estuary. It consists of a non-tidal inland harbour and a tidal deep water harbour. The deep water harbour can be approached by vessels with a draught of up to 9.50 m, and up to a maximum of 11.70 m, depending on tidal conditions.

Inland harbour: non-tidal transhipment

he non-tidal inner harbour- Germany's largest - can be accessed via two efficient sea locks. The Große Seeschleuse (Large Sea Lock) operates 24x7, and definitely does justice to its name: operators can access some 3,300 m of quayside facilities on the inner harbour, almost all of which have rail links.

In addition to RoRo ramps, container gantry cranes and loading ramps, there are also handling- and storage facilities for liquid bulks.

Outer harbour: deep water efficiency

Time is money: fast turnaround times are a fixed costing item in the handling of many commodities. One good example of this is automotive transhipment: 1.31 million Volkswagen Group vehicles were shipped via the port of Emden in 2014.

Rail links and high-performance mobile RoRo ramps ensure the best possible automotive handling conditions.

Key commodities

For the Volkswagen Group, Emden is the home port for automotive distribution. Brand-name paper manufacturers have handled transhipment of forest products such as cellulose, paper and timber via the deep water harbour for decades. In the wind energy sector, the port of Emden has established itself as a strong partner for handling onshore and offshore components. Other commodities regularly handled in Emden include, general cargo, building materials, heavy lift, and dry  and liquid bulk. There are also high-security facilities for hazardous  and military goods.

Storage facilities

All told, the Port of Emden has more than 100,000 square meters of enclosed storage space and 900,000 square meters of open storage. Spacious overflow areas in close proximity to the port offer additional potential for interested parties.

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