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Environmentally-friendly transport chain for the Borkum ferry


AG „EMS“-Inspektor Claus Hirsch, GasCom-Geschäftsführer Norbert Scholz und ENI-Manager Florimond Dijkinga freuen sich über den gemeinsamen Umweltbeitrag.

Since the summer of 2015, the MS “Ostfriesland” of AG “EMS” has been running using new technology based on LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). Up to now, the liquid gas for this first ferry in Europe to be converted to this technology was transported using conventional road tankers. Now the Borkum ferry has been fuelled for the first time with an LNG-operated road tanker. Supplier GasCom had loaded LNG in Zeebrugge using their new LNG-operated Iveco road tanker with a dangerous goods permit.

The truck-trailer combination for the transportation of hazardous goods was realised by GasCom as the first forwarding company Europe-wide to have an LNG-operated special vehicle (IVECO 460 PS). From now on, the ferry MS “Ostfriesland” is to be supplied by GasCom with LNG once a week. This is the very first all-LNG supply chain in Germany.

Since 1 July 2018, the AG “EMS” has found a new LNG supplier in GasCom from Troisdorf. GasCom has been the leading German forwarding company for the supply of innovative fuels for 18 years now. The LNG is provided by ENI in Zeebrugge, a company that has supplied customers across Europe with the niche product LNG since 2010. “We have a need that is new in the German ports”, explains AG “EMS” Inspector Claus Hirsch. After all, there is no LNG supply in the adjacent ports now, and therefore an alternative solution had to be found. “We are delighted with this extension to our more environmentally-friendly transport chain”, says Hirsch with regard to the new vehicle from the forwarding company GasCom.


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